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Judy Woodworth



Free motion quilting made easy. (2 to 3 hours, Lecture or Demo)

Whether you are a domestic or Longarm quilter, this award winning quilter and AQS author of “Free-motion Quilting handbook” will show you how easy it is to let loose, have fun, and free motion quilt on your quilts.  She will demonstrate beautiful motifs that you can use on your quilts, with very little or no marking.  She’ll talk about how to get started and what exercises can help you improve your skills.  Bring your sketchbook and draw along as she demonstrates. 


Dancing with the Sashing (2 to 3 hours, Lecture or Demo)

Whether you own a long arm, or a domestic machine, would you like to learn how to zip through the sashing and blocks in your quilt, with non stop quilting.  You’ll even learn some easy fun free motion designs that you won’t have to mark.  This award winning quilter will show you the tips she uses on many of her customer quilts.   Bring your sketchbook and draw along as she demonstrates.


Quilting Inside the Box (2 to 3 hours, Lecture or Demo)

The award winning quilter, teacher and author will teach you how to section your quilt, and do designs that will fit inside a square, circle, oval, and other confined spaces.  Whether you are a long arm quilter or a domestic quilter this class will help you design motifs that fit into confined spaces.  No breaking out of these boxes. She’ll also teach you how to design your own feather motifs that are breath taking.  Bring your sketchbook and draw along as she demonstrates.



The Art of Good Back Fill (2 to 3 hours, Lecture or Demo)

Whether you are a domestic quilter or a Longarm quilter, this award winning quilter will share her thoughts on backfill.  She will demonstrate many different types of backfill, and she will talk about the importance of backfill as it relates to composition and design.  You’ll learn about the size and scale of your backfill and how you can combine different designs to improve the interest and texture in your quilt.  Bring your sketchbook and draw along as she demonstrates.


Feathers and Ferns Gone Wild (2 to 3 hours, Lecture or Demo)

Victorian feathers, ferns and lots of Longarm and formal feathers will be taught.  This class is applicable to domestic or Longarm quilters and is being taught by an award winning quilter and AQS author of “Free Motion Quilting Handbook”.  Feathers can be formal, informal or just down right playful and funky.  She will demonstrate how to do wreaths, swags, circles, hearts, and even flower borders. Bring your sketchbook and draw along as she demonstrates.  Bring your sketchbook and draw along as she demonstrates.


Wholecloth Quilting Class  (6 hour class, hands on design class)
Learn how to use Stencils in an original layout

This award winning quilter will bring over 200 stencils and teach you how to design your own original whole cloth quilt.   You’ll be learning about the fundamentals of design and what backfills will go best in each contained quilting area. The information you will learn about how to design an original quilt will be worth your money. Bring white or off white fabrics at least 65” by 65” or slightly bigger.  Bring 5 blue water-soluble markers (Mark-B-Gone is best), 2 blue pen, 1 Clover eraser, 12 by 6 inch ruler, 24 by 6 inch ruler, (optional large 16 or 18” square ruler if you can pack and bring).   In this class we will only design the quilt so you will not need a sewing machine.   You’ll also learn about blocking, and getting your quilt ready to show, and some binding tips.  Judy’s quilts have won many National quilt awards and she can take you to the next level. (Kit fee $40.00 includes cotton sateen fabric, 2 markers and 1 eraser. Rulers not included in fee.  Email Judy at jwquilts@yahoo.com if you want her to bring.)


Designing an original Butterfly, Heart or Flower Quilt (6 hour class)

In this class I will teach you how to draw and design a contemporary butterfly quilt.  Then we will make the pattern and use Sharon Schamber’s appliqué method (with her permission).   The edges will be easily turned under and all glued in place.  I will bring stabilizer and freezer paper for you to use.  This stabilizer can be left in the quilt and does not need to be removed.  I will show you how to use many fun fabrics you have in your stash and mix them together with a few calm fabrics.  Bring a few black and white fabrics, and a “reads as a solid” background fabric (about a yard).   You’ll need to bring 2 or 3 Elmer’s glue sticks, 2 cuticle sticks, fabric and paper scissors, pencil,  Sharpie fine marker, Roxanne’s Glue Baste it, Liquid Stitch (permanent glue). Email me if you have questions about what to bring, jwquilts@yahoo.com

Beginners Quilter's Classes also Available!

Teaching fees:
Trunk show with emphasis on Composition and Design $350 (approximately one hour)
(Truck show must be in conjunction with teaching classes.)

2 hour class $450
(demo/ lecture class)

An additional one hour after the demo class, I would do hands on for anyone who wanted to stay and try the techniques would be an additional $250.

3 hour class $550 (no hands on)
(demo /lecture)

On the demo classes you will provide black fabric and white thread so that it will be easy for your camera person to show the quilting.

4 hour hands on class. Longarm machines and white fabric, batting, and thread must be provided)  $750

A large white board with dry erasers will be required for all classes.

I charge $5.00 per handout.  Please collect in your fee to quilters and pay this to me along with the fee listed above.  Thank you.

Judging 6 hours $600 (I am not a certified judge by the NQA.)

If the lecture or workshop requires an overnight stay, meals and lodging will need to be provided.  In addition to the class fee, if driving is required, the standard mileage fee will be charged.  If airfare is involved, you will be responsible for the full fee and transportation to and from the airport and airport parking.  At this time, the location I would fly out of is Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  After February 2014, I will be flying out of Rapid City, South Dakota.

My preference for lodging is a hotel.

Unless traveling four hours away or less, I would require a minimum of two (2 hour classes), and the trunk show, or a four hour class and the trunk show.


Judy is an Award winning quilter, teacher, author and professional Longarm quilter.  AQS will be publishing her first book in 2010, “Freemotion Quilting Handbook”.  She is a regular contributor to On Track (Longarm Quilting) Magazine, and many other magazines. Judy has won several dozen National awards, and is always trying to encourage her students; to take their quilting skills to a higher level.  She brings enthusiasm, creativity and a joy of quilting to her students.

Judy was also featured on “The Quilt Show” with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims in the April 26, 2010 show.


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